Created in 2011, Ars Lumina designs are based on the drawings and sculpture of Renata Pugh with the compositions adapted to embrace the glass-cutting process. After outlining the design for each side, she uses the Tiffany method of copper foiling each piece (including glass gems and sometimes sliced agates) and employs various decorative soldering techniques to create each side and develop the overall structure of the object. Careful consideration is used when choosing the placement of each element in order to create a balance of texture and a dynamic, flowing composition around each side. She ensures that each finished product is one of bold elegance, exciting and whimsical, yet calming and serene. These one-of-a-kind pieces (each one signed and dated) range from approximately 9 to 15 inches in height, and include 15 to 40 watt bulbs depending on the size and opacity of the glass. Custom orders are available upon request.

Contact renatapugh@gmail.com for more information.