Primordial Light: Using glass to represent astrological elements and patterns in nature / by Renata Pugh

A while ago I randomly discovered online a call for entries at the South Brunswick Arts Commission for an exhibit centered around geology, meteorology, and astronomy. I was instantly inspired to make something exclusively for the show, and with only a few weeks before the deadline, took some plastilina and sculpted what I had in mind for the overall structure; essentially a sort of jagged pyramidal rock formation, something crystalline that formed naturally over time with various elements. I decided to use textured cathedral glass with earthy tones of green, brown, and blue, black glass to represent space, and the icy-looking Bullseye Chopstix to give it even more of a crystalline appearance.  For the accent pieces I included a sheet of layered mica that a friend had given me, sliced agates, and crystals, and the glass for the base has a swirling texture that is reminiscent of flowing geological patterns. Usually I have a tough time coming up with names for my pieces, but after some brainstorming with others who looked at it, the title “Primordial Light” was chosen. Making this piece was very meaningful to me because it was for an exhibit in my hometown and the subject matter is something that I’m very much interested in. It also made me realize that I want to make similar works that include more natural gems and stones as accent pieces (particularly translucent ones of course). In this way more of an organic appearance is achieved, and the sublime, timeless, and inherently beautiful quality of nature is incorporated and blended seamlessly with handmade glass.